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Tom Wasniewski, Distributor Sales Manager

I am the Distributor Sales Manager at PTI. I work with our distributor customers to find them the products they need and quote them on those requirements.

I have been with PTI for the last ten years. Before that, I was involved in the fastener industry. There, I worked in sales, customer service as well in purchasing and production control.

Outside of PTI, I am an avid stamp collector, baseball and hockey fan, and I am also an amateur genealogist.

Who was your childhood idol?

I don’t really consider idol the proper term. I guess someone I admired growing up, though, was Winston Churchill. He was a great leader and someone who found great success in his later years. He did what needed to be done and I admired that about him. I even remember the day he died.

What makes PTI a great company?

I like small business; I really like small business. Everybody here knows the owner and we are able to communicate well and directly.

We are able to respond to customers in a way big companies are not able to; we can adapt and find solutions to all of our customers’ needs. We know everyone here and I like that. We’re a good team and being an ESOP company has further added to that team feeling.

Have you always worked in printing? How did you get into this industry?

Well, I spent over 30 years in the fastener industry. But, as the American manufacturing base declined, our company lost too many key customers to stay afloat. So, after they went out of business, I decided to seek a new position in a thriving industry. My customer service and purchasing background led me to PTI and I have been here ever since.

What is something unique about you that most people would never guess?

I’m originally from the north side of Chicago, but I am a big White Sox fan. So, I am a bit of a misfit north-sider.


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