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Healthcare and Prescription

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Millions of dollars are lost each year because of altering or forging of prescriptions. A program was instituted by the federal government to produce a security system to insure the integrity of all RX Scripts. A series of at least three security features are now required to be pre-printed on all Rx Scripts.

Amazing technological advances in the healthcare industry come every day…new types of medical diagnostic and testing equipment are introduced to hospitals, laboratories and doctor offices constantly. Much of this equipment is connected to a printer to generate some type of output. With every new piece of equipment that is installed comes a new opportunity for distributors who sell to this industry.

thermal prescription Rx rolls printingWe are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of new technology introductions that use these products. We pride ourselves on staying apprised of the most current legislative updates and requirements for prescription paper and pharmaceutical documents.


Look for these applications and products:

  • Prescription rolls
  • Pyxis paper
  • Pharmacy applications
  • Laboratory applications
  • Mobile specimen collection
  • Laboratory labels
  • Blood bag labels
  • Breast milk labels