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Sue Willig, PTI Client Services Director

PTI client services director sue willig

I’m the Client Services Director at PTI, and I manage a team of customer service representatives who are ready to answer your questions. We are the team who manages orders from receipt to production and fulfillment. We work with your account manager, production, quality control, and accounting to ensure every aspect of your order meets your specifications and you are fully satisfied.

I’ve been with PTI since 2008, and prior to joining PTI I worked for Standard Register for 15 years .

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter and grandson (age 5—whose superhero artwork is displayed in my office).

Who was your childhood idol?

My grandmother was my idol. I have always tried to model myself after her generosity and demeanor.

Believe it or not, growing up I wanted to be a nurse. So, even though I landed a career in the printing industry, I am able to lend my empathy and compassion in customer service. I try to approach projects from the customer’s perspective, and I really enjoy taking care of our customers and building relationships.

What makes PTI a great company?

I appreciate how hard we work and our ability to come together with new ideas and solutions when our customers have unique challenges.

A huge part of our culture comes from our President, Walt Alfred. Walt does a great job recognizing outstanding performance. I think a performance-driven culture is the best way to get results for our customers and compete in our industry. We have a culture that promotes open communication and honesty—and that’s really refreshing.

And, of course, I love when we can all come together for fun. I enjoy our Halloween and Christmas parties.

Have you always worked in printing? How did you get into this industry?

Actually, my husband owns a salvage yard, and early on in our marriage I helped manage his business office. I enjoyed spending the extra time with him, but when a great opportunity at a printing company came along, I couldn’t pass it up. The rest is history—I’ve been in printing ever since.

What is something unique about you that most people would never guess?

I’m a huge fantasy movie fan. I love shows like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

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