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Shelby Higgins, Human Resources Coordinator

Who is Shelby?

I’m the Human Resources Coordinator at PTI. My focus is on the management of our organization’s most valued assets – the people working here who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of our objectives. 

I started with PTI in May of 2017. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development from Indiana State University and have work as a Human Resources Professional for the last 4 years.

Who was your childhood idol?

My mother will always be my idol because she will give all of herself to help someone else. I have always hoped that I would be like her. I want to make people smile like she does and make as big of a difference in people’s lives as she has.

What makes PTI a great company?

PTI is family! We care about one another’s well-being and personal success. Being employee owned makes us feel more like a team and creates a better environment for a healthy work and life balance.

Have you always worked in printing? How did you get into this industry?

My background is in Healthcare but the good thing about Human Resources is that your experience and knowledge can help you in any type of industry. I relocated to Indianapolis from the Chicago area where Walt’s wife grew up. We hit it off from the start and I’ve happily been working at PTI ever since.

What is something unique about you that most people would never guess?

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan and would be a great partner to be stuck with in a zombie apocalypse!