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Rod Denny, Production Manager

I am the Production Manager at PTI. I oversee product production and make sure that our products achieve customer service standards. I also help ensure that we are producing high quality products.

I have been with PTI since September 2006. Before that, I worked for another printing company until the plant closed in June 2006.

In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors. Fishing, hiking, canoeing…you name it.

Who was your childhood idol?

Rowdy Yates from the Clint Eastwood TV series Rawhide. Everything was all about the Wild West when I was growing up. It was fun and you just admired these guys in their western settings.

What makes PTI a great company?

We have great leadership under Walt Alfred. We’re an innovative company with great tenacity that fosters a team environment with excellent customer service. We can produce all kinds of products and we have many different capabilities that allow us to fulfill our customers’ needs.

Have you always worked in printing? How did you get into this industry?

I’ve been in printing for 43 years. For a year after high school, I worked in a factory until going to a junior college for a few years. Then, my dad was an office manager for a printing company in Terre Haute. So, I worked there as a press operator, 2nd shift supervisor, day supervisor, and production manager. I worked my way up the ladder until the plant closed in June 2006. I’ve been the Production Manager at PTI since. I’ve been very involved in label converting and pressure sensitive materials.

What is something unique about you that most people would never guess?

I have a twin brother.