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PTI Introduces PermTherm® Labels

Breakthrough single-polymer substrate simplifies thermal/barcode printing

Watch PermTherm® labels in action!

Product Description

PermTherm® is a white synthetic facestock that requires no heat sensitive coatings (e.g. leuco dye) or thermal transfer ribbons to create a deep black image from standard thermal/barcode printers. PermTherm® is your new alternative to both traditional direct thermal (DT) substrates and the use of thermal transfer ribbons (TTR). Sharp, durable, fade proof images are created from within the substrate itself. PermTherm® also has a print surface with excellent receptivity to a broad range of pre-print ink chemistries and an adhesive receptive backside surface that is ideal for pressure-sensitive applications.

Key Features

  • Image permanence with no image fade from heat, cold, light or time.
  • Image is UV light resistant to a minimum of 18/ months outdoors and 50 years + indoors.
  • Facestock is heat stable to 250° F
  • Print surface and printed image are not affected by water and many water based fluids even with full submersion or when boiled.
  • Low boiling point solvents (e.g. MEK, Toluene, Xylene, IPA) do not permanently darken the image or print surface.
  • Significant economic advantage over DT films and midrange TTR printed on BOPP labels.
  • Durable comparable to Printed BOPP with a midrange ribbon.


PermTherm® film can be used for pressure-sensitive labels, tickets and tags, and point-of-sale applications. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, where chemical or water resistance is required. As always, please test in your specific application to determine fitness for use.

• Flower / Plant Pot Labels
• Horticulture - Nursery Labels
• Outdoor Shelf / Rack / Pallet Label
• Test tub / Breaker / Slide Labels
• Blood / Urine / Bio Bag Label
• Cold Storage Label
• Automobile Window Label
• Chemical / Drum Label
• Freezer Labels
• Tamper Evident Labels
• Industrial / WIP Labels
• Retail Shelf Marking Label
• Industrial Kitchen Food Preparation Label

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