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Request a quote for Kiosk thermal rolls from PTI

PTI is THE Kiosk Media Expert! The use of self-service kiosks has grown dramatically in the last few years. Their emerging use in the airline, retail, transportation, and entertainment industries creates tremendous opportunity to provide consumable media for these applications. This need for stock and custom printed media will only continue to grow as more kiosk applications emerge.

Fan-fold or on a Roll, if you need paper for a kiosk application, contact PTI. We will be able to tell you what you need (if you don’t already know) and most likely, will be able to ship it the same day. PTI stocks products for most of the printers being used in kiosks today. If our stock offering is not exactly what you need, we can quickly produce a product to meet your requirements. And, if you have a unique kiosk application, PTI can help you identify the best media for your needs, and provide you with custom printed kiosk media solutions.

Let PTI help you turn this item into a productive marketing tool with logos, coupons or informational advertising that makes you a hero with your client. Using this media creatively is what sets PTI apart, and will do the same for you.