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Custom Printed Point-of-Sales (POS) Thermal Paper Rolls

Custom Printing for Point-of-Sale (POS) Receipts

custom printed point-of-sale POS thermal paper rolls
Receipt applications are everywhere—cash register and point of sale receipts, gas pump receipts, credit card receipts….and the equipment to deliver these receipts continues to change and evolve. New technologies create new equipment, which creates even more new media opportunities.

Custom thermal printer rolls for point of sale printersThere are many ways that you can add value to these products, from JIT (just in time) delivery to making the receipt a vehicle for marketing and advertising. PTI manufactures receipts for every kind of receipt printer application. Let us help you turn this everyday item into a productive marketing tool with logos, coupons or informational advertising that makes you a hero with your client. Using this media creatively is what sets PTI apart, and will do the same for you.