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Custom Printed Event Tickets

Custom Printed Event Tickets from Printing Technologies
PTI offers unparalleled quality and service for custom printed season ticket books, event tickets, VIP passes, thermal admission tickets, and more. From small colleges and local theaters to globally recognized sports teams and enterprise attractions, we bring the experience and expertise to match tickets with their memorable and special events. 

Promote Your Brand

Project a positive image for your school, park, venue, or event with quality, vibrant printing and design, and let the consumer retain a prized memento of their attendance.

Solutions Focused and Customer Centered

PTI has decades of custom printing experience, and we are able to solve difficult and unique challenges. We provide:
  • Superior, personalized customer service 
  • Guaranteed satisfaction 
  • Vast knowledge of ticket printing 
  • Design support 
  • Warehouse and fulfillment 
  • Unbeatable pricing 
  • Demonstrated quality and proven value 
  • Compatibility with industry standard printers including Boca, DataMax O’Neil, Practical Automation, Ticketmaster, and Zebra 

Unique Features and Added Security

  • Offset and digital printing 
  • Numbering 
  • Barcoding 
  • Security patterns
  • Ink taggants
  • Embossing 
  • Die-cutting 
  • Thermochromic ink 
  • Safety-center paper
  • Sensemarks
  • Holographic foiling
  • Colored foil application 
  • Prismatic clear foil application over 4 color process printing
  • UV spot coating

Arts and Entertainment Tickets: Museums, Parks, Cinema, Theater

PTI serves more than 125 arts organizations across North America, from theatre and opera to ballet and symphony. Whether your organization requires season books, season forms, VIP tickets, or point-of-sale thermals, PTI is well rehearsed in delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices. PTI tailors its products and services to the unique needs of each art form, and to the tastes of each audience. And for that special touch, we can also ship directly to your patrons.

Some of our custom ticket products for the Arts industry include:

  • security features to prevent fraud and reproduction
  • pressure-sensitive tickets (stickers)
  • thermal tickets
  • wrist bands
  • coupon books
  • bookstrip tickets
  • point-of-sale tickets
  • and more...

Sports Custom Ticket Printing

As ticket supplier to many top professional, college and minor league sports teams, PTI has the experience and advanced technology to manage the unique challenges of ticketing for sporting events. Our comprehensive product offering includes attractive thermal point-of-sale singles, ticket books, parking passes, playoff tickets, ID cards, all-inclusive season ticket packages and corporate client packages. PTI’s complete service offering includes a proprietary system for verifying variable and personal information, as well as competitively priced fulfillment services.

For single day events, PTI offers a wide variety of security features, including special papers, embossing, foils and inks, helping to meet the unique challenges of rush seating.

Fulfillment and Distribution Custom Ticket Printing


  • Account Tracking
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Client requested “PULLS” are easily managed
  • We scan and link each ticket book to the appropriate account
  • Our SureRun Software Program assists operators in merging a variety of tickets and inserts into a fulfillment package with virtually no possibility of error

Distribution Center

  • Highly secure warehouse facility
  • We will accommodate all order sizes from the above distribution location using the most cost efficient means
  • Mid-West U.S. facility allows for rapid, economical delivery of ticket packages to any North American location
  • 24-hour emergency delivery service
  • With our partners in delivery and distribution, our “Door2Door” fulfillment services will get your product to its destination using the quickest, shortest and most cost-effective route.

Event Tickets

We can fulfill your season ticket product with collateral material and deliver directly to your season ticket holders, thus saving your time and resources.

Passenger Tickets

PTI has a network of distribution services and warehouses worldwide which currently meet the needs of many major airlines in Europe, Asia and the Americas.