What You Need to Know About Digital Printing April 12 2017

PTI digital printingAs there are a variety of printing methods to choose from, and knowing which one will best meet your needs can be difficult. It often comes down to a choice between offset and digital printing. To help you determine whether digital is the right choice for you, we’ve put together a list of important facts you should know when designing and printing.

  • Generally, you should use digitally certified papers to ensure that the finished product is of the quality that you desire. Some printers will use non-certified stocks, which is completely up to them.
Print Quality
  • Improvements in digital printing means similar results to the offset method can be produced. In the past, if you wanted premium quality you had to go with offset – this is no longer the case.
  • You'll find that the digital process is a much simpler process when compared to offset. Without the need for plates and mixing inks, the final print can be delivered significantly faster.
Cost Effective
  • As the setup costs are much lower than traditional printing, with a very low minimum (usually 250) and no plate costs, you’ll find that digital is fairly cost effective. Some machines are also capable of doing inline finishing, so costs are further reduced.
  • Basically, you can tailor your message to your audience. If you’re doing a mail drop, you can have each individual envelope addressed correctly or personalized with the recipient's name.
Short Runs
  • This process is ideal for printing small to medium quantities (generally 250 units and upwards). The cost of offset printing often means that these lower quantities are too expensive.
  • Some machines even have the ability to print special effects, including: white ink, special Pantone colors, raised ink (like an emboss effect), and UV red invisible ink that becomes visible under ultraviolet light.
Last Minute
  • The good news is that this method can be completed "on demand", which is ideal for last minute jobs. You also have the ability to make last minute changes at the time of printing through the computer.

On top of all this, there are many other reasons why digital printing can be the preferable option, including the ability to tweak colors on the press and to do long runs with ease. No matter what, just ensure that you have selected the right method for your desired outcome. If you’re unsure which printing method will best meet your needs, feel free to contact us.