Who We Are

PTI is a leading manufacturer of innovative media solutions used in all types of Printing Technologies including direct thermal, thermal transfer, ink jet, dot matrix and laser.​​ We sell exclusively through reseller partners. 

As an employee-owned company, we take our clients' success very seriously. Our seasoned team has fully invested their careers in understanding printing and converting and how to provide the best solutions for any application and project. 

When It Comes to Printing Expertise,
​We Raise the Bar
As an employee-owned company, we take our clients' success very seriously. Our seasoned team has fully invested their careers in understanding printing and converting and how to provide the best solutions for any application and project. 

We produce compatible solutions with nearly every make and model printer.

We are known for our breadth of knowledge in printer applications—from Zebra thermal kiosk printers to Star Micronics thermal Rx printers to NCR ATM printers to TransAct lottery and gaming printers—and so much more. 

Aren't sure of the right stock? 
No problem, we know just the perfect material for your customer's application and project. 

Not sure of the exact dimensions?
That's ok. We most likely already have them on file, or we will ask our OEM partner for the latest specifications. 

Need ideas on making your project shine?
You've come to the right people! Our goal is to make your printing meet and exceed your expectations—from quality to unique features to timely delivery.

We Add Value,
Not Price 

No matter what printer application you or your customers are using, we can guide you to the right dimensions, stock and custom features. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive solution or a high-performance label or tag, we can provide right solution for your application.  We utilize a number of technologies others simply can’t offer such as thermochromic inks (disappearing and color changing), foil stamping, water marks, holographic foils and other creative solutions to make your customers products unique.

We are Accountable

We understand our resellers' reputations are only as good as the manufacturers they trust. That's why we put ourselves in your shoes with every order. You'll see our demonstrated quality and standards through our:

  • Superior quality standards and attention to detail, resulting in order accuracy and on-time delivery
  • Unsurpassed printing and converting experience, which enables us to proactively suggest solutions, anticipate challenges and minimize mistakes
  • Stellar customer service team who have worked in all facets of printing
  • Substantial ongoing technology investments to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing industry and support your printing needs


  • Founded in 1994
  • Heaquartered in Indianapolis, IN
  • Employee-owned 

What We Do

Why Choose PTI

We offer offset, flexographic, and digital sheet printing up to eight colors. Our ability to offer foiling, die cutting, specialty punching, scratch-off foils and magnetic stripe lamination gives Printing Technologies the edge over most printers and converters. The security and specialized finishing features we can offer are extensive. Some of these features include holographic foils, void pantographs, micro print, scratch-off foils, collating, stitching and taping, wiro binding and flexible perforations. All of these features can be used to enhance and add value to the thermal labels, tags, tickets, rolls and other media we produce. 
Printing Technologies management team and sales staff have an average of over 30 years in the printing and converting industry. Our production and operations staff average 25+ years of printing and converting experience.

Because we are employee-owned, each associate has a share of the responsibility for our success, and each earns a fair share of the rewards. The benefits of employee ownership is easy to see at PTI: in our quality, our service and our people.
Client Testimonials
  1. John - Lebanon, NJ
    I am an equipment reseller covering northwest Pennsylvania and upstate New York and I have several lumber mill operations in my territory. Several have asked for a portable printing option. Until now, I have not had an answer for those inquiries, but I was recently introduced to the Perm Therm label from Printing Technologies, Inc. At this time the Perm Therm labels have been applied to raw wood and outdoors for one month. We have had rain, snow, and direct sunlight and the labels have held onto the wood and have not faded one bit. This should be a great option for my customers.
  2. Dana - New Hampshire
    Rosemarie is not only a vendor to me, but I consider her as a partner as well. She is my go-to person for the hard to solve label applications. From my experience working with her for over 25 years, if she can’t solve it with existing products, she has the bandwidth, determination and connections to develop a new and unique solution. She has never let me down. If she is not on your team, you are at a major disadvantage.
  3. Dan - Chattanooga, TN
    You take great care of us.
  4. Matthew - Chicago
    I had a fantastic experience working with RoseMarie from the PTI team! My customer had a unique need that even the major players like Honeywell and Zebra could not help with, but when I asked RoseMarie she not only was confident that she could handle the project, but she immediately jumped on a call with my customer and helped get some very helpful information from him that I hadn’t been able to get (or didn’t even know to ask about). She facilitated getting samples from my customer, called me right away when she got them and confirmed we would be able to do well for the end user. On top of that, she took the customer’s current price information and was able to offer significantly better value, both from price and service standpoints. Excellent experience as a PTI partner!

Why Employee Ownership is a Win for PTI

PTI is a longstanding printing converter and manufacturer, and business continuity is key to our success. For us, employee ownership means employing passion and collectively functioning as stakeholders in the business. 
Also, to have a successful ESOP program, the business must be profitable. We continue to deliver results for our resellers and their customers, and we are committed to progressive approaches in the industry.

For example, a 2000 Rutgers study found that ESOP companies grow 2.3% to 2.4% faster after setting up their ESOP than would have been expected without it. Companies that combine employee ownership with employee workplace participation programs show even more substantial gains in performance. Another study found that employee ownership firms that practice participative management grow 8% to 11% per year faster with their ownership plans than they would have without them.